On the Behalf of Tecnist, Tech World Logics welcomes all the Trainers from India who are willing to work part time or full time as a Quality Trainers to spread knowledge all over the world.


Tools : We use Gotomeeting for Training, we are developing our own Training Online Tool like Gotomeeting which can be used for Audio, Screen Sharing, Camera, Record Session, Ability to have more than 200 Joiners and 50 Organizers.


First Time Trainers  :

When you are Joining first session of the training as Trainer is scheduled you have to join the first meeting before half an hour the scheduled timing.

Please click on the link below on Firefox Browser and a small plugin is supposed to downloaded and installed and started automatically. Make sure you havent Joined the meeting through Gotomeeting’s Web Panel which is a website. You supposed join the session through Gotomeeting’s Desktop Application. You will be seen Gotomeeting panel in right hand side. Where you can share you screen, audio should be select “Computer Audio”. Please check everything ( Screen Sharing, Audio )  is working properly before the session started.
If trainer is facing issue in joining session for the first time, he can contact his Tecnist Coordinator ASAP.
Test the screen sharing and audio is working properly prior the training session with the Tecnist Coordinator.
Training Terms :

Trainer shouldn’t share the personal contacts like email id, phone number, skype id anything, whether participants are asking, If there is a requirement of sharing some documents or sending mail then send the mail to us, we will forward the mail to participants. During the session, there should not be any discussion or conversation which is not related to Course Content or personal discussion.


Payment Terms ( same for all )

25% Payment   :   25% Course Completion

25% Payment   :   50% Course Completion

50% Payment   :   100% Course Completion


Good News for Tecnist Trainers :
To encourage the long term relationship with our Trainers and maintain training quality and customer satisfaction, Tecnist Announces Appraisal Incentive from 15% to 35% of the decided amount of training will be given in extra to our Tecnist Trainers at the end of the training, If Overall Feedback is Above 4 out of 5. Trainers have to ask candidate to fill the feedback form out of 5 on the later on provided link. More than 4 Rating Feedback will help you getting more n more assignments and projects as well as commercial incentives will be revised.

We are looking forward to give you continuous trainings assignments to make money on Long Term basis.